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Lesson: Basics of Prototyping
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The students will become familiar with the language of prototyping, and understand its uses.
Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

  • What is prototyping
  • Kinds of prototyping
  • When to use prototyping
  • Materials for prototyping
  • Iterations
  • Prototypes as communication tools

This lesson seeks to expand the meaning of prototyping to understand it as a tool used in the innovation and experimentation process that is meant to enhance the common understanding of the concept being developed, and to test out different aspects of its functionality through the eyes of the user. Prototyping goes beyond product testing. Services and user interfaces can also be prototyped. Furthermore, in multidisciplinary product development, it can serve as a useful tool for engineers and designers to bridge gaps in their communication.

Course Staff

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Jani Kalasniemi

As long as he can remember, Jani has been breaking toys, cars, and coffee machines. When he got his hand on something, he had this weird need of taking it apart to see what is inside. Most of the time, putting it back together was an impossible task. Probably because of this weird need in childhood, Jani went to Aalto University and graduated as a mechanical engineer and focused on product development and prototyping. University life took its toll, but also enabled courses in Stanford and CERN. After graduation, Jani was in startup life and worked at CERN as a prototyping expert. Now he works at Aalto Design Factory, helping the students to build their ideas into rough prototypes and further into MVP.

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George Atanassov

My name is George. I am a mechanical engineer by education and filmmaker/ photographer by profession. Yes indeed something went sideways along the path. I am enjoy technology, working with it, building at most of all considering how on practical level it can help people. We should never forget that it is people and our behaviour that we need to understand before we can move on with the sweet sweet indulgence of tech “nerdiness” :) .

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Shreyasi Kar (Master in Arts)

Shreyasi is an artist and designer working with interactive electronics. She holds a masters degree in New Media Design and Production from Aalto University. Currently, she works at Aalto Design Factory as a design innovation and electronics specialist.

Enrollment is Closed