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Short Course: Sustainable Product Development


Continuous training programmes/short-courses aimed at expanding the current offer of HEIs in terms of lifelong learning courses and providing innovative training paths to adult learners, interested in re/upskilling their knowledge and skills in topics related to industry 4.0 (same as listed above), better equipping them to undertake or keep pace with organisational/job-related changes. These courses will include a practical component, comprising hands-on projects.

Short Course Title

Sustainable Product Development

Purpose And Motivation

To learn the product development process in a nutshell

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn the basics of product development, including some basics of sustainable product development, prototyping and electronics design, as well as tips for pitching (improving verbal communication skills).


Graduated from university and working in industry or doing a PhD.

Short Course Description

The students will work in teams on a real challenge provided by the industry (StartNorth) The product development process includes: problem reframing, ethical thinking and ideation, basics of product design and manufacture, technology (systems architecture and elements of IoT), user-based prototyping, and independent work

Workshops will be run covering the basics of ethics and presentation skills for Industry 4.0. Students will prepare final presentations for their solutions.

Hands-On Challenge

The challenge was provided by StartNorth, which is a community and network speeding up the learning and applications of newest technologies for business and sustainable competitiveness.

Start North offered three challenges related to the use of VR/AR:

  • To define the role of M√∂kki (a small portable cabin in shopping centers outfited with VR) in creating the next generation shopping experience.
  • How could brands and stores benefit from shopping experience boosted by VR/AR technologies?
  • How to include the new kind of shopping experience to benefit learning and education?