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Short Course: Building Internet of Things Solutions


Continuous training programmes/short-courses aimed at expanding the current offer of HEIs in terms of lifelong learning courses and providing innovative training paths to adult learners, interested in re/upskilling their knowledge and skills in topics related to industry 4.0 (same as listed above), better equipping them to undertake or keep pace with organisational/job-related changes. These courses will include a practical component, comprising hands-on projects.

Short Course Title

Building Internet of Things Solutions

Short Course Date

January and February 2020 - 31/1, 1/2, 7/2, 8/2, 14/2, 15/2.

Timetable: 18h-22h Friday; 9h-12h Saturday

Purpose And Motivation

The purpose of this course is through a practical approach introduce SME technical and management actors to the IoT concepts and applications. Starting from the I4.0 conceptual framework and presenting the available digital technologies, the course aims to foster the digitalization of the manufacturing processes.

The I4.0 trend is expected to increase the overall performance of production systems, namely by providing an interconnect and knowledge rich environment. A fundamental pillar of this transformation lays upon the Internet of Things (IoT)connectivity. Internet of Things is becoming an emerging network superstructure that connects physical resources and people together in critical environments such as the ones existing in manufacturing organizations.


At the end of this course, trainees should have a deeper understanding of I4.0 revolution and especially in the IoT ecosystem of smart applications and services that will improve and simplify control and monitorization of manufacturing processes.

Learning Outcomes

Trainees are expected to:

  • Be able of recognizing the added value of implementing advanced technologies of I4.0;

  • Be able of recognizing the added value of implementing IoT;

  • Understand the basics of Cyber Physical Systems;

  • Understand the business impact of implemented advanced technologies;


This course is destinated to middle and senior technical staff of SMEs.

Short Course Description

Introduction to I4.0

  • History of industry revolutions

  • Concept

  • I4.0 framework: Smart sensors, advanced robotics, big data, IoT, 3D printing, augmented reality, cloud computing, locations detection, product customization, maintenance

  • I4.0 business perspective: Flexibility, productivity, quality, time to market, circular economy and sustainability.

  • Cyber Security

  • Use-cases I4.0

Internet of Things Landscape

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

  • Basic Technologies

  • Devices: Microcontrollers (Raspberry, ESP32, XDK, Arduino)

  • Devices: Smart sensors

  • Devices: Actuators

  • Cloud platforms

  • Development Platforms

IoT Industrial Application Cases

  • Case 1 - Remote sensing and control

  • Case 2 – Remote process control and monitorization

  • Case 3 – Cloud implementation of performance assessment