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Short Course: Systemic Design for Sustainability

The course aims to give the students a deeper understanding of sustainable thinking in the design process related to sustainable product development.

About This Course

Design plays a crucial role in developing sustainable products due to up to 80% of their environmental impacts are determined at the design phase. The principle of Ecodesign is to consider all the environmental effects of a product right from the earliest stage of design. In the time of climatic and ecological crisis, there is a need to consider the design process holistically and systemically to limit the negative impact of products on the environment and support the fulfilment of the SGD’s. To set global standards in product sustainability and to influence product design and value chain management worldwide is one of the strategic goals of the European Green Deal (2019) and according to A new Circular Economy Action Plan for a Cleaner and More Competitive Europe (2020).

The course aims to give the participants a deeper understanding of sustainable thinking in the design process related to sustainable product development. The course will focus on the methodological issue of the design process, providing the participants with the knowledge of the systemic approach to the design process and valuable tools for its implementation.

Course Staff

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Katarzyna Rędzińska, PhD

Katarzyna Rędzińska (PhD) is a landscape architect and assistant professor at Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography, Department of Spatial Planning and Environmental Sciences. Her research interest concerns integrated landscape planning and design, focusing on an environmental (ecological) approach. She is an author and co-author of eighteen projects in landscape architecture, two of them awarded.

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Katarzyna Bargieł, MA

Katarzyna Bargieł is a designer, graduate of the Academy Fine Arts in Katowice. Currently an assistant in the Department of Cartography at the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography of Warsaw University of Technology. Member Rector's Team for Innovative Form of Education, where he co-leads two interdisciplinary, international PfP projects (in cooperation with Aalto University) and ME310 (collaboration with Porto University, Stanford University) link engineers, designers, and designers business. She conducts training and workshops on the use of tools in the design process thinking, among other meeting projects, meetings to the elderly "Seniors in Tauzen initiative". She co-organized and conducted Design Thinking Week (2015 and 2017) and Katowice Service Jam (2015 and 2016). Her inquiries about sharing information through design tools, gamification and Innovation development stage.

Hands-on challenge

SUSTAINABILITY IN PRODUCTION OF POS MATERIALS (point of sales materials) - innovation in existing product (optionally) Willson & Brown.

To design a tool/ process/ functionality that will gather and analyze information from various shoppers (multicultural, different background and interests) to support AR products presentations and other engagement building tools.


No special requirements needed. It is recommended to gather basic knowledge about Industry 4.0.